Hair Transplant For Eyebrow

Hair Transplant For Eyebrow
What is Hair transplant for eyebrow?

In case there is eyebrow loss on a local area, the operation lasts for approximately 30 minutes and the results are quite satisfying. In some cases, if the patient demands ones eyebrows to be thickened, the shape is determined and the transplantation is made according to the development angle.Due to the nature of the hair roots taken after the eyebrow transplantation, extensions may occur for a period of time. Therefore, the patients may have to cut their eyebrows periodically. In case of need, once or twice a month, cutting the eyebrows with a few minutes operation do not disturb our patients.

There are some reasons behind the eyebrow loss.
  • Ageing: As you get older, your hormones change. Therefore, eyebrows may fall in time.
  • Nutritional Deficiency: Not receiving the right foods and unbalanced nutrition can be the reason.
  • Drugs: Some drugs attack the hair cells while they are treating the condition, and cause their hair follicles to fall out. For instance, chemotherapy drugs have this effect while defeating cancer.
  • Genetic: Hereditary conditions such as male-pattern and female-pattern hair loss are the most common causes of eyebrow loss.
  • Mental status / psychological: Stressful events and emotional shocks may cause eyebrow loss, although it is temporary.

Every detail on the human face is highly important. In this sense, eyebrows are not only aesthetically important but also functional. The primary task of eyebrows is to protect the eye from sweat and dust.

Besides, we use our eyebrows to give non-verbal messages thanks to the muscles under them. However, eyebrows lose their youthfulness and volume in time. It is possible to increase the density and redraw the shape of your eyebrows with eyebrow transplant.

Nape hair grafts have the best quality to be donors because of their structure. The most crucial aspect to consider during the procedure is the angle of the eyebrows. Another element is the opening of the root canal. Grooving can cause scarring. In the transplant area, there are often 40-50 roots per square centimetre.

Here are results of the transplant!

Eyebrow Transplant Results

After the application, no situation requires the patient to remain in the clinic. Some hair strands begin to fall out after the operation, which is completely normal. With the new hair, the eyebrows will become natural over time. 

You can see the density of eyebrows gradually increasing 3 weeks after the operation. Two months after the surgery, you can observe the final results. Usually, the healing period is completed after two months. It is relatively fast compared to other transplant procedures.

What is eyelash transplantation?

Eyelash transplantation is mostly made in one session. It’s 100% reliable method. The operation is made under surgery conditions by plastic surgeon and expert nurses. The operation lasts approximately 2 hours under local anesthesia. No side effects, no pain. The recovery time is 3 days.

The eyelashes to be transplanted are extracted either from your head or from your leg. The donor area should preferably contain thin hair. Thin strands are more convenient for transplantation than the thick ones. The donor hair are transplanted as two follicles through micro surgery methods. It is important to transplant the strands or micro-grafts one by one for a natural appearance. The result will look better than your own eyebrows and eyelashes.
Hair grows periodically and therefore the results can not be observed immediately. It will take 4 or 6 months for the transplanted roots to grow.

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Considerations After Eyebrow Transplant
  • It is possible to see tiny, pinhead crusts in the plantation area for a week. However, these shells do not prevent the patient from returning to work and daily life as they disappear rapidly. 
  • You should wait at least weeks to go to the sea or the swimming pool. 
  • You should cover the eyebrow from intense sunlight and solarium. 
  • During the first month, intensive workouts might be dangerous.