Dental Implant

Dental Implant
What is dental-implant ?

Some people may think that dental implant operation is the outcome of the modern medical technology development, however, centuries ago, people were trying to make reparations for those missing teeth, by implanting teeth, both according to the knowledge of the era, and the first to attempt making reparations to compensate lost teeth are the Pharaohs. Archaeological discoveries in the history of ancient Egypt 2,000 years ago found that ancient Egyptians knew the process of implanting teeth, where pendants made of gold and precious metals were found in some Egyptian mummies, in addition to many of the treatments applied to teeth, which indicate the human attempts in that era of compensation of missing teeth, Also in ancient China were found 4000 years ago, bamboo pegs are carved and used in bones to replace lost teeth as a kind of dental implants, The people of Babylon were excelled in it, also the ancient American Indians and the Maya tribes also, Which people knew some kind of dental implants for thousands of years, where a lower jaw of a young Mayan woman was found, replaced by a piece of shell resembling the shape of the teeth, So we can say that the Mayan people have also known dental implants but primitive and simple to fit their knowledge at that time.

Zahrawi – the year 1013 AD – had Description of dental implants method, similar attempts were also made in Japan and Europe in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, dental implants have developed with time of until – Grin Field – in 1913 published the first scientific book on organ transplantation, explaining the process of dental implants, The theoretical research on synostosis and sub-peritoneal agriculture was then improved, In 1947, science developed and a stainless steel spiral implant was made, However, all these previous experiments did not reach the method and the metal which is combined with the human bone, Until the long historical path ended with the discovery of Titanium metal that positively reacted with human tissues by the Swiss researcher Bernanke in 1982. The scientist who was considered a pioneer in dental implants science in the world, where he achieved a great scientific discovery by accident, while doing research on the wounds healing, using live rabbits to study the biology of bones, In which he installed microscopic chambers in the rabbits bones using Titanium bolts, a strong, non-corrosive light metal. When he tried several months later to remove these bolts of the bone, he was unable to do so because of the full synostosis with Titanium. 15-year of research, he has come to a conclusion that bone can cohere to Titanium with a high degree of success under appropriate and controlled conditions, Titanium did not cause any infections in the tissues adjacent to the bone and was not rejected by the natural bone. Bernmark named his discovery of this name – synostosis – and in 1965 he made his first successful transplant on a Swedish patient – who had no teeth – and the result was greatly successful.

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What are the Stages of dental implants?

Dental implants are performed in many stages:

  • The first stage is to prepare the appropriate place for tooth implanting where the implants are made of pure Titanium metal in the bone of the jaw where the tooth is lost.
  • The second stage is where the bone is fully adhesion to the implant, this stage is called, synostosis, which takes a long time. The implantation takes six months for the upper jaw and three months for the lower jaw.
  • The third Stage: which is the final stage, where the final formulation of dental implants is done, which includes a number of sessions to do the final combination of oral editions and its final fixation.
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Dental Implant Treatment

For more than a century, dental implant treatments has been the go-to procedure to fix the loss of teeth.

Our doctors attach a post to the jawbone via the drilling the gum of the missing teeth. Afterwards, they execute the replacement. Finally, the operators attach an artificial tooth, later. This, in return, will be providing a natural-looking replacement.

Dental implant treatment provides the alternative to tackle ill-fitting dentures and failed bridgework.

Implant Treatment, As it often happens with anything in the human body, most of our features are prone to wear-and-tear. This wear can also occur to our teeth.

Teeth are some of the most resilient parts of the human body, being harder than bones. Despite their resilience, they are not exempt from deterioration over time.

Whether a strong, blunt affect, decay due to advanced age or extremely inadequate care, the teeth fall. The loss of one tooth or several can hamper the oral functions; it makes uncomfortable everything, even something as simple as chewing. 

However, thanks to today’s development in modern medicine, we can fix this.